How many emotional triggers will there be this Holiday season? Mathematicians say it is physically impossible to count them without collapsing into a black hole from the sheer density in your brain. In order to avoid that, here are some simple tips for surviving this Holiday season. 

  1. Take Five: When the conversations starts to wander down a path with clear ‘do not enter’ signage, excuse yourself to make a phone call and take a walk around the block. 
  2. Don’t Add to the Negativity: Allow yourself to add to the conversation without necessarily following the direction it’s been set in by your crazy Uncle. 
  3. Live to Fight Another Day: If your family is anything like mine, you’ll want to have a good exit strategy ready to go just in case things get a little too intense. 
  4. Don’t Overstay: A short positive visit leaves a better mark in the memory than a longer one with discomfort and negativity. Any visit at all more than meets the requirements for familial duty, the length is up to you.
  5. Join a Partner: Sometimes it’s better to spend the Holidays with someone else’s family who’s quirks and ticks don’t hit so close to home. No one can be upset that you didn’t make it because it’s your partners turn this year. 

BONUS TIP- Do What Makes You Happy: It’s the Holidays, they should be enjoyable. Most of us spent 16+ years living with our family while their Holiday dinners happened around us, it’s our turn to choose what we do for the Holidays.  

Emanuel Novak
Author: Emanuel Novak