All of the Denver Gay Bars

Denver is a surprisingly gay place to live. I guess it’s called the ‘Queen’ city for more than one reason! The largest city in Colorado has a lot of businesses to pick through, so I figured a local’s opinion might help. Here are our top LGBT+ bars and clubs for the Denver area. I hope this helps you try a new spot and helps you meet more amazing people!

Our Favorite Denver Gay Bars

These are my top picks for Denver gay bars or rather LGBTQ+ Bars. These were chosen for their lively events, great space, and sometimes their food!

Want to get connected with more than gay bars? Check any of the hundreds of queer organizations that have joined up with!


Trade is located off Santa Fe, just off 6th Ave, at the edge of the art district. A well-established leather and fetish bar, Trade is highly ranked for its sprawling floor plan and decadent events. The interior is dimly lit with ample open space and some seating. My favorite place is the patio, which has a dedicated bar for events and weekends. The patio is covered and has been recently extended doubling the space. Their events range from show tunes on Wednesdays to gear nights where everybody is welcome to show off their toys. They do not have a kitchen but there is a stellar black metal pizzeria across the street and, on weekends an amazing taco truck stands ready to take your order.


Vybe is located on Broadway near 10th Ave. Vybe recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and in that time they have built a name for themselves. The inside is large with a bar running the entire length of the room. The main area is littered with smaller tables and seats, this comes in handy for their weekly events and shows. Go out the back door and you’ll find a massive upper balcony, and lower patio complete with a stage. This is my favorite place to hang out during the summer and winter (in the winter they seal up the patio so it isn’t too freezing).

All the amenities make a Vybe a local favorite, though for me it is that it is a family-run establishment. Joey is the owner and he runs Vybe with his lovely mother, Sylvia. Vybe opens regularly every day from 10 am to 2 am. They don’t have a running menu available but do offer food and snacks for many of their amazing events. As of 02/10/23, they are reworking their menu, we will update this when that is released.

Denver Eagle

Located off W Colfax and Sheridan, this is the third reincarnation of the Denver Eagle. The third time is definitively the charm here!  They have a consistent event schedule that is well-varied. Biracial power team JW and Denny run a fun ship that welcomes all to be themselves and have fun. This is apparent by the fact I have NEVER seen them charge a cover fee, not even during Pride. This isn’t to say that they won’t ever have a cover charge if needed. They have a Taco Tuesday that’ll blow your mind! Come by for that or any of their events like Strip poker, pool and darts competition, gear night and so much more. They do offer a menu that’s available from open till 9 pm. I like the Grilled Rueben, though all their food is well prepared in-house by Cindy, who you may know from Daddy’s.

Bad Habits

Denver’s newest bar and restaurant is located on Eastern Colfax. As this is being written, Bad Habits has been open for 3 weeks. This two-story venue has big goals and a delicious menu that they are looking forward to sharing with the community! More will be revealed as they publish those facts, the grand opening is March 11th! In the meantime, they are welcoming everyone to come down and say hello. Go take advantage of their 16-item Mocktail menu or reversed happy hour from midnight to 2 am, taking a dollar off any drink. To read more about Bad Habits read our interview with the owners!

Li’l Devils Lounge

Li’l Devils Lounge recently celebrated its 10th anniversary! This casual lounge is located on Broadway near Alameda. We love this place for its relaxed, intimate atmosphere. The inside is small but cozy with a large bar and many tables and chairs. The patio has a fire pit and effectively doubles the available space. From Friday to Sunday, they offer burgers and snacks. In the summer, they offer amazing blended drinks that take the edge off the summer heat. This is our go-to spot for catching up with friends because you can hear them!

Denver Sweet

Denver Sweet sprung up as a pseudo-replacement for the old Wrangler and is using its two stories well.  Advertised as a bear club this bar has a healthy range of events throughout the week, many centered around food and great deals like their Taco Tuesday or 75-cent Wing Wednesday. They do have a full kitchen and offer a hearty menu. The interior is large with lots of seating but the real gem is the upstairs patio. They keep it insulated and warm in the winter! They have simple business hours, being closed on Mondays.


Boyztown is the oldest Queer cabaret club in town and is located off Broadway, near 1st Ave. They feature an all-male cast that goes on nightly at 10 pm. The inside is walled with mirrors. On one side, you have raised platforms that have poles for the nightly entertainment, on the other, you have a full-service bar. Boyztown has plenty of seating up close to the action and a little further away. They have a covered, heated patio section that’s as large as the interior. They keep a consistent schedule, but every Wednesday night they have an amateur night where anyone can compete. The winner walks away with a $100 cash prize! Otherwise, dancers go on all weekend starting at 10 pm.

All the Denver Gay Bars

Denver Gay Bars might be few, but they are mighty! Most have a specialization for their audience but all make room at their tables for the larger LGBTQ+ community to take part in.

Want to get connected with more than gay bars? Check any of the hundreds of queer organizations that have joined up with!


Nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Buddies is a newer institution with old-school connections. The employees are the owners, and they were parts of the Compound crew (if you know then you know). Fast service, easy location, definitely worth a trip.

Charlie’s Denver

Charlie’s Denver is Denver’s only Western gay bar and one of the oldest gay bars in town, still operating after 40+ years With a mainly wooden interior, this club is like if a club met with a barn. With events happening almost every night, it’s a great location to wear your best duds and hat! Charlie’s has a massive dance floor along with a sprawling patio. This bar doesn’t typically have food but will sometimes offer tasty treats for events.

El Potrero

El Potrero Night Club is located off Colorado and Leetsdale and is open Thursday through Sunday. A huge plus of this bar is that they are open until 4 in the morning, making it a great after-party location. El Potrero highlights the Latin X community with performers, DJs and drag stars. No food is offered here but the vibe is always glamorous and energetic even into the wee hours of the morning.

Hamburger Mary’s Denver

Hamburger May’s business model revolves around good food and a strong drag presence. It is located near 17th and Park. This restaurant has amazing and consistently available drag shows. This establishment does wonders for the Denver community, but it is franchised out of San Fransisco. This doesn’t change how yummy their burgers are or how many performers they employ. I would strongly recommend you make a reservation for the event you want to go to.

R&R Lounge

R&R Denver is one of the oldest gay bars in Denver and has the most relaxed atmosphere. Many people think that their name stands for rest but it stands for the owners’ names, Rick and Roger. This cozy bar has a wonderfully familiar vibe, like an incredibly friendly dive bar. They have a range of events including comedy shows, drag shows, and a family-friendly brunch!

Tight End

Denver’s only dedicated LGBT sports bar in Denver, Tight End is just a few blocks up from its sister, X Bar. The interior is decked out with sexy murals. Above them are large TVs showing whatever games are going on. Different sports seasons bring out different crowds but I’ve found that Tight End has a relaxed neighborhood bar vibe in the off-season. They feature many drink specials with a sports theme and have a few beers on tap that rotate out. They are open seven days a week with happy hour daily from 3 pm to 8 pm.


Tracks will always have a special place in my heart because that’s where I went before I was 21 (thousands of years ago). Not all events and nights are for 18 and up but they are the only club that allows those below 21 years old. They have continued to expand since I wasn’t able to drink, taking over the ally and space next to it on Walnut street. They are known for their huge parties and guest performers and DJs. They don’t offer food but as the night wanes you always see some snacks walking around.

X Bar

X Bar is on Colfax and retains that high, crazy, wonderful energy. This club is well known for its heavily themed parties and the cage that graces the main dance floor. As long as there isn’t a professional dancer in there, you are welcome to jump in, sometimes even if it is occupied! They don’t serve food but they have large bars both inside and outside. They are constantly improving the spacious patio, upgrading seats, flooring, fire pits, and so on. Their schedule is easy to remember: open daily from 3 pm to 2 am.

Blush and Blu

Blush and Blu may be Denver’s last coded lesbian bar, but are all welcome. Right on Colfax next to Voodoo Donuts, this bar is woman-owned, fun as hell, and diverse as all get out. From comedy shows to acrobatic stunts to lesbian speed dating this bar has an event lineup that will knock your socks off. We like that they support the queer youth and the community through sponsoring events and donations. They don’t have a kitchen but they are right on Colfax so you can figure something out pretty easily. They also have a great lineup of nonalcoholic drinks for those not partaking!


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