Well, Colorado continues to set precedents in state regulations. Governor Jared Polis and his legislative team have written and passed new legislation capping co-pays for insulin at 100 dollars a month. Anyone having to take insulin is painfully aware of the very critical push and shove of consistently rising prices and surprisingly inconsistent supplies.

Colorado is the first state to roll out legislation specifically geared to protected residents from shield patients from dramatic insulin price increases. The price of the drug in the U.S. has increased exponentially in recent years. Between 2002 and 2013, it tripled, according to 2016 study published in the medical journal JAMA. It found the price of a milliliter of insulin rose from $4.34 in 2002 to $12.92 in 2013. And a March report from the House of Representatives, found “prices continued to climb, nearly doubling between 2012 and 2016.”

Amazing work with clear guidelines, Polis’s law goes into effect next billing cycle. Hopefully this should help people get the medications they need and deserve without making dramatic sacrifices in their lifes!

Jeff Wilson
Author: Jeff Wilson

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