Denver Welcomes New Mayor: Mike Johnston

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Will Denver Mayor Mike Johnston Prove to be an Ally?

Denver officially has a new Mayor! On Monday, July 17th, Mayor Mike Johnston was sworn into office, succeeding outgoing Mayor Hancock, who served Denver for 12 years. The city celebrated the inauguration of its 46th Mayor after more than a decade, and the occasion was marked with a commemorative festival coined as the Denver Vibes Fest, held at Union Station on Monday afternoon.

The Denver Vibes Fest was not only a celebration of Mayor Mike Johnston’s inauguration but also a showcase of the vibrant spirit of Denver. The festival featured performances from various Colorado music artists, local artists’ exhibits, many local food vendors, and an array of local small businesses. The diverse and enjoyable event could be seen as a testament and reflection of the strong coalition Mayor Johnston and his team built during the runoff election.

Mayor Johnston has expressed his top priority as addressing the issue of homelessness or, more specifically, the unhoused population in Denver. This pressing concern was a significant topic of debate among the mayoral candidates, given its impact on various other issues, such as affordable housing, public safety, and equity. 

While the Mayor’s plan for equity does not outline specific measures for the LGBT community, it does indicate a commitment to helping minority-led businesses access city funds, improving housing accessibility, and closing the achievement gap for low-income students. Though these priorities are not LGBT-specific, they are initiatives that could positively impact the LGBT community as well. For example, facilitating access to funds for minority-led businesses may support LGBT-owned businesses, and connecting low-income students to out-of-school opportunities could provide LGBT children with supportive communities.

While Mayor Johnston’s record and statements show him to be an ally to the LGBT community, there remains a hope that he will take a stronger stance on issues specifically affecting our community. With the nation facing attacks on transgender rights and same-sex rights facing rollbacks by the Supreme Court, it becomes even more crucial for local leaders like Mayor Johnston to be vocal advocates for the LGBT community.

The Denver Vibes Fest was a joyful celebration of Mayor Mike Johnston’s inauguration, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Denver. As he takes office, we extend our best wishes for his term. While his priorities have the potential to positively impact the LGBT community, we hope to see him take a more specific and resolute stance on issues affecting our community, advocating for inclusivity and equality.

Cheers to Mayor Johnston, and may his term be marked by progress and support for all members of the Denver community.


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