There Are 71 ‘Inclusive’ New Emojis, But How Inclusive Are They Really?


Last year, Tinder started a petition to Unicode for emojis representing any couple. After 52,276 signatures and numerous social media outcries, the emoji authority (Unicode) responded. Unicode 12.0.0 was released March 5th, 2019 and featured 71 new images of couples varying in gender and race combinations.

It’s amazing to see mainstream forms of communication be more inclusive. Everyone texts and everyone is different. More people will be able to celebrate their unique differences with one another without gross social gentrification. This level of recognition won’t win any Nobel prizes, but in terms of practical expression it definitely makes waves.

The unthreatening nature of the images goes along way in helping people adjust and get comfortable with the unfamiliar. The 71 additions are certainly an improvement, but if you don’t have brown, blonde or brown hair or not able bodied, you might feel left out. Before you rampage watch the video below. There are many more on the way. Unicode has promised 230 new emojis by the end of 2019.

Jeff Wilson
Author: Jeff Wilson

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