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The Best Leather Bar in Denver: Denver Eagle

The Denver Eagle is the premier queer leather bar in Denver, providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Denver Eagle is the only gay bar on the West side of Denver.

Coast 2 Coast Wellness: Your Queer Physical Therapy Connection

Coast 2 Coast Wellness is a locally run physical therapy and wellness company run by the wonderful Dr. Michelle Stauffer. After years in the medical field, she decided to fight the queer inequality she saw. She formed Coast 2 Coast

Sad Circus Studio: Transgender Owned Tattoo Studio.

  After meeting owners Nicolai and Angell I have to say, I’m in love with Sad Circus Studio. They are both wonderfully authentic and their dedication to their client’s needs is extraordinary. They filled me in about how many negative

3 Kilts Tavern: the Best of Denver Pubs

Image courtesy of 3 Kilts 3 Kilts Tavern is Denver’s only queer-owned and operated Irish pub. They feature an amazing menu that boasts items that are not only made in-house but filling and unique. Try their Colcannon Bites, House mashed

All of Denver’s Gay Bars

Denver is a surprisingly gay place to live. I guess it’s called the ‘Queen’ city for more than one reason! The largest city in Colorado has a lot of businesses to pick through, so I figured a local’s opinion might