This 4 Minute Workout Will Shred You Into A Summer Deity

We are all either too busy or too tired, making fitness seem like a hassle. I’m personally tired of being busy. However, spring is in effect, and summer is on the way. Sure there will be a few cold snaps till then, but it’s a great time to start thinking about what you want to be doing and how you will feel doing it. Tabata’s are for any skill level, focusing on strength building and weight loss.

Created by Dr. Tabata for Olympic level athletes, this method is incredibly effective. This exercise causes enough stress to the body that your resting metabolic rate to spike for the next twelve hours. With your metabolism kicked into overdrive, your body work will work harder burning more fat.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) or tabata’s is an olympian level trick that anyone can access. This timed work takes you through cycles of rest and spirited movement. Specifically, twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of work. This is repeated until four minutes is up. You can stack exercises (see below) but you don’t have to.


Your work out could look like this-

  • Push-ups (four min)
  • 2 min rest
  • Sit-ups (four min)
  • 2 min rest
  • Air squats (four min)
  • DONE! TOTAL TIME: 16 min

It’s crucial to go hard and stay moving. Any movement can be done in this frame. Examples include: push-ups, squats, sprints, sit ups, and kettlebell movements. To really increase effectiveness try to do ONE movement for the four minute duration. A timer will be helpful, you can download many great ones for free.

Jeff Wilson
Author: Jeff Wilson

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