For 2016, Levi’s limited edition ‘Pride Collection’ honors Harvey Milk through 1970 inspired accessories, and clothes. Levi’s has teamed up with the Harvey Milk Foundation to bring the world gender-neutral clothing. Everything can be worn by either a man or a woman comfortably. Naturally, a portion of the sales will fund the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Harvey Milk Pride collection Levis

There are many tasteful additions to the clothes that tie them to Harvey. The tank tops and tees feature a timeline listing major LGBT rights dates. 1977 is highlighted as well, marking Milk’s election to office in San Francisco. There are tasteful and adorable Milk related drawings and sayings on almost everything. Of course, no Pride swag would be complete without a rainbow in the mix, so there are a few to choose from.

While the clothing line definitely has a trendy idea—honoring a worthy activist, the accessories were what caught my eye. A line of handkerchiefs is also offered, serving as a low-key throwback to the Hanky code. This code was the best way to reveal your preferences, interests, and role in the bedroom, discretely and efficiently. The code saw heavy use in the 1970s but then fell into disuse. A bandana or handkerchief would be placed in your left or right back pocket. The left pocket means you are more of an active/top/dominant role. That meant that the right pocket showed your inactive/bottom/submissive preference.

Each fabric color referred to a different activity or fetish. There were so many that in 1972, The Leatherman’s Handbook was published to explain and unify the meanings. The book’s high popularity revealed the Code was being used around the nation. The 2016 line has seven colors. There are sites that will give you in-depth explanations.

This is the third Pride-related campaign Levi has done. While invested in American culture, it wasn’t just for American Pride celebrations. The company revealed it was also celebrating  Columbia’s recent legalization of gay marriages.

The rough translation reads:

“We are very happy! Colombia said YES to equality! Much closer to a just Colombia! #MarriageEquality”

The clothes are cute and trendy, perfect for year-round wear and fond memories afterward. The messages are positive and relevant, even a little cheeky. Gender-neutral clothing is very cool and a quick way to rethink your fashion expression and its meaning. Still, $15 dollars for a handkerchief!?! Some of the money better be going to charity.

Jeff Wilson
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