Gay Denver's own Patty Theft Misdemeanor

Patty Theft Misdemeanor

With the 2017 Denver PrideFest kicking off this weekend (June 17-18), in a time where acceptance is the new normal, many non-queer identifying people have begun appropriating pride as yet another summer party to attend. In fact, the internet has been littered with commentary about the ownership of pride, with many queers claiming their territory. There is also a lot of push-back from LGBTQIA people who are tired of PrideFests being used as a huge marketing tool for corporations who have used the word “Pride” in their advertisements along with flashing rainbows wherever possible, while never using the or directly acknowledging the persons included in the acronym LGBTQIA.

The history of the gay struggle is very well documented, and googlable, so I won’t bore you with the details. If you’re reading this blog then you no doubt have a general idea of why PrideFests exist. I would rather touch on the future impact of pride and why it is important for us all to feel a sense of ownership of pride, and thus remain proud members of the LGBTQIA community.

Welcome to the highest paid socioeconomic group on the planet. LGBTQIA people make more money than everyone else! In a capitalistic society, that’s plenty to be proud about. We have congruently experienced countless forms of discrimination within the workplace with no legal protections from such harassment or illegitimate job loss.

You can’t keep a good girl down. The experience of being a minority allows for broader perspective building and a greater ability to have compassion for someone else being discriminated against in any way. It also makes us AMAZING ARTISTS, just ask RuPaul, whose Drag Race series is now broadcast on VH1. Resilience Much!?!

It takes a village, people. With past legislation allowing LGBTQIA people to legally adopt in certain states, we’re now entering a generation where the children of queer parents are raising children of their own and breaking the cycle of misunderstanding. LGBTQIA people are also reinventing the ideas of multiplicitous and transparent relationships successfully, causing the heteronormative world to adopt some of the principles of honest sexual interactions and communal living. Even apps such as Tindr are promoting gender identity inclusivity, body positivity, and negate slut shaming.

TRANS VISIBILITY!!!! Need I say more. We’ve come so far, and yet we still have far to go. Bottom line, what’s in my pants is MY business. GENDER IS OVER!!! Be a voice of reason in the face of any acts of intolerance against our most disinfranchised community members.

However you express your pride, what matters most is that you do JUST that. Show up and share in the pride of our community by being proud of yourself. Close your eyes, open your arms, and twirl through the streets of Denver this weekend. Feel the love as you twirl from the Latin Stage to the CoorsLight PrideFest Parade down Colfax. Relish in the beauty of our community, from the Big Gay 5k to the Main Stage performance by Jennifer Holiday.

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Get your GAY ON!
Let your Rainbow Flag Fly!
Live in the light!
…..and STAY PROUD!

-Patty Theft Misdemeanor