Denver women: Whether you are looking for the love of your life, a fling or anything in-between, the search can be exhausting. In the modern age of personal accessibility, you greatly limit your available choices by not using apps or the web. While there are many apps and sites targeting gay men, the lesbian’s side seems a little under staffed.

Come to find out there are about a dozen dating and socialization apps for lesbians. Women do have some options, but many are knock-offs. There are a few, though, that were created by women, for women. Below we have listed our favorite lesbian-oriented dating apps. They are listed in no particular order. Each app’s member list will look different from place to place, so start with what sounds good!


One of the largest dating apps in the country, OKCupid boasts a healthy lesbian following, including Denver lesbians. Using an array of filters, options and details, you can customize your online experience. To get started you’ll need an email address and an username (pictures always help). OKCupid is one of the most loaded free apps on the market. We named our highlights below!





  • Easy interface
  • Competitive matching algorithms that show compatibility as a percentage
  • Ability to search by location, age, height, religion, drinking, smoking, drugs, race and so much more!
  • The ability to ‘Broadcast’ your availability and horniness to the women in your area
  • Your profile can remain hidden from rude and persistent straight men


HER, probably one of the most well thought-out lesbian’s app, was formerly called Dattch. It was originally programmed by a young lesbian that was dissatisfied with the selection of lesbian dating apps. This app is big on security—so no posting or sharing. You sign in with Facebook and the machine verifies that you are a woman.




  • Free and unlimited
  • Secure and free from fake profiles
  • Daily blog content
  • Pinterest-styled profiles that are easy to navigate and understand
  • A very cute icebreaker game called ‘Would You Rather’

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Think Tinder without the rude and overly optimistic men. With Hinge you have the ability to ‘prefer’ women, which completely removes men from the equation. It doesn’t make sense why Tinder can’t upgrade…





  • Users are given a small batch of matches per day; eliminating the endless swamping
  • Profiles can ‘tag’ activities, interests, sports and favorite foods, making it easier to read up on and start a conversation with someone
  • Facebook verification and matching service: you can only be matched with friends of your FB friends

Another Tinder clone, naturally with an amazing spin. In this sequel, after two people swipe right for each other, a 24-hour timer is activated. In hetero relationships, only the woman can send the first message, but for lesbians, either party can talk first, but it has to be within a time limit. If no one says anything, that connection is lost forever!

  • Smoother interface than Tinder
  • The time limit adds a neat element to breaking the ice
  • Facebook-verified
  • Fun game and challenges show off your interests in a new, intriguing way

Get out there and have fun!

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