Which of Denver’s Gay Bars Now Require Proof Of Vaccination


Barely months after the lockdown was lifted and businesses refound their momentum, the Delta variant form of Covid has the potential to force another shutdown. Red  Rocks Amphitheater had a major outbreak at its String Cheese concert and there have been a number of other outbreaks. While no one wants to return to lockdown there is still a staggering 45.2% of Denverites that need to get vaccinated. Without at least 70-90% of the population inoculated herd immunity can’t be reached. The virus will continue to mutate, becoming dangerous enough to force another round of draconian measures.

We have all noticed a disconnect in the number of reported vaccinations and the number of people not wearing masks. Many people are not wearing them out of convenience without regard for the harm they may be inflicting. A handful of  Denver’s clubs decide to exercise their rights to protect their employees, families, and community. X-bar, Tracks, Triangle, Denver Sweet, R&R and Trade came to an agreement that they would all start to require proof of vaccination along with a valid id for entry.


In an interview with 9news,  Sean O’Grady (managing partner of  the Triangle) had this to say,

‘”It’s been vastly, vastly, vastly positive,” O’Grady said. “People are very appreciative. I know a lot of people aren’t coming out because they don’t feel safe…I hope this becomes a trend in Denver.”

“I think it’s easier for us in the LGBTQ community,” he said. “Probably because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the 90s, I think our community is a lot more aware about public health, so I honestly can’t tell you that I know anybody in my circle of friends which is pretty large that hasn’t been vaccinated.”

O’Grady said the vaccination policy is intended to keep people safe, not turn them away.

“We don’t want to see any of our guests or any of our friends end up in the hospital or lose anybody that we know and love,” he said.’


All the listed bars are now requiring proof of vaccination to gain entry. Denver Sweet, Trade, and the Triangle said they will also accept a negative covid test up to 48 hours. We here at Gaydenver.com COMPLETELY SUPPORT gay businesses protecting their employees, families, interests, and our community as a whole. We hope that other businesses will follow this example. PARTY SAFE EVERYONE!

Jeff Wilson
Author: Jeff Wilson

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