Why do I Need Health Insurance?

We all know the health care and health insurance systems in the United States could be better, to say the least. However, Gay Denver is here to help you utilize the system we have here in Colorado. EVERYONE should have health insurance, regardless of age or health needs. 

Why do you Need Health Insurance?

  1. Having health insurance can help you avoid catastrophic costs and debt. Most health plans have a maximum out-of-pocket (the total amount you can pay in a year for costs) of $9,100, which is no laughing sum, but a hospital visit can cost an average of $3,302 a day in Colorado. You may have to pay a monthly premium, but coverage will save you money on prescriptions, primary care visits, specialty care, urgent care, and more. When you compare what you’ll pay for coverage versus if you needed to see a doctor and didn’t have coverage, you’ll see a massive difference.
  2. Get a better handle on your health by focusing on preventative care. If you have ACA (Affordable Care Act) health insurance, you get an annual free wellness visit to explore things like blood work, mammograms, vaccinations, colonoscopies, and a yearly general checkup. It’s essential to be proactive about yourself instead of just reactive!
  3. Many plans offer free or discounted mental health visits to take care of not only your body but your mind!
  4. There are tons of options for you to choose from regarding coverage. You can choose the right plan for your needs, from something easier on your wallet to something more robust for more intense healthcare needs.
  5. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, but that’s precisely what you do when you buy health insurance coverage. Even if you’re incredibly healthy and hardly use the plan, you’ll still have it just in case.

What are your Options for Affordable Insurance?

Whether or not you get insurance through your employer, exploring your options is a great way to save money and make informed decisions about your health.


Medicaid in Colorado is called Health First Colorado. This program is for folks who can’t afford coverage through the ACA and provides free or very cheap coverage. You will qualify for this coverage if you make under $19,392 a year as an individual. It’s worth noting that this coverage has its limitations and can be hard to qualify for.

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance

ACA coverage in Colorado is through Connect for Health Colorado. You can opt out of your employer plan and save a little money if they don’t cover premiums. Alternatively, if you buy your own insurance, this is where you’ll shop. 

Connect for Health Colorado offers plans through companies like Kaiser Permanente, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Denver Health, and more. If you make under a certain amount a year, you may qualify for subsidies, which could significantly decrease the costs of premiums and services! 

Plans available come in four tier types: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These options can meet you where your needs are. For example, if you’re under 30, have good health, and don’t have many health needs, you can save a lot of money and still be confident in your coverage by purchasing a Catastrophic plan. A Gold or Silver plan may be best if you have heavy health needs. Either way, there are many options to give you the best coverage for YOU, and it’s worth shopping around to find just that.

Buying a plan through the ACA generally must be done through “Open Enrollment,” which occurs between November 1st and January 15th. You’ll need to choose a plan by December 31st for coverage starting on January 1st. If you don’t enroll during Open Enrollment, the only way to get coverage is to qualify for a “Special Enrollment Period,” such as losing your job, getting divorced, giving birth, moving, and more. Check out the complete list of qualifying events for a special enrollment.\

You deserve health insurance that will give you peace of mind! Check out Gay Denver’s guide for shopping, learn more about coverage by reading our definition guide, or check out our LGBTQIA+ and gender-affirming care-specific tools!

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