How to Maximize Your MeowWolf: Convergence Station Visit

MeowWolf is a national company specializing in immersive art exhibits. More than that, it is a shining example of what happens when artists come together. They have opened installations in Los Vegas and Santa Fe and now Denver.  Denver’s installation is called CONVERGENCE STATION. IT IS MASSIVE! 300 creative sources worked for three years to build and fill all 70+ rooms spread out over three floors. Whether this is your first or third time, I hope this article helps you enjoy Denver’s MeowWolf installation.  I’ll explain some do’s and don’ts along with the general objective. Don’t worry though, there are no (hard) spoilers in this article!

MeowWolf: Convergence Station Explained

Denver’s Edition to the MeowWolf family is bright and unfolds wonderfully. There was an accident between the four connected worlds that you can visit from the Earthbound Station. You will have chances to gather clues to find out how this trippy time/space bending accident happened. I don’t want to get into the layers too much as they are a blast to uncover yourself. But once you get the gist of what happened their catchphrase of  ‘We’ll never forget you’ makes a dark and delightful sense. MeowWolf’s website provides this excellent synopsis:

“Nearly three decades ago, a freak cosmic event known as the Convergence tore away pieces of four different worlds in the blink of an eye.  Ripped from their loved ones and native planets, scores of displaced citizens were thrust into this new Convergence of Worlds, with only memories of the lives they had before.

Memory itself became so vital that an entire memory-sharing economy developed and soon flourished. This new memory economy was all the more important because, in the wake of being smashed together, these worlds were wracked by relentless “Memory Storms”: psychic aftershocks of the Convergence that would scatter citizens’ memories whenever they struck.

Today, Convergence is buzzing with activity: QDOT has opened its latest station (the first on Earth) as an endpoint in Denver, so this is the first time Convergence residents are able to visit Earth. And citizens have suddenly started remembering glimpses of four forgotten women – who were each somehow tied to the moment of Convergence on their homeworlds.

Did the Forgotten Four cause the Convergence? Are they working for QDOT? Were they left in the past? As you travel through these worlds where memories are currency, you can choose to dig deeper into the story or simply enjoy the journey through the multiverse.”

Get Yourself a Q-Pass Card

Upon arriving you’ll find yourself in the Earth-based Convergence Station (the lobby).  In the lobby is a snack bar, gift shop, coat check. and with a themed menu that serves real food.  While here the most important thing you can do is BUY a Q-access card. They are a dollar and are sold at the main desk. Using this card you can access more information anywhere you see a small glowing circle.  Pass your card over the circle and you will hear a sound. Keep an eye out as you go through the different worlds, as these information points are crucial in unfolding the plot, also making sense of it.  Even after you leave, hold on to your card. It can be reused to keep track of your travels after multiple visits. After you leave, scan the QR code on the back of the card to see what you’ve collected thus far. To the left of the elevators, you can also find motion-controlled interactive lightroom that is great while you wait.

Talk to The Actors

Upon entering the elevator you will shortly be dropped off on C street in a bustling alien city. Here’s where you start.  It can be a little confusing and easy to forget where you are. Don’t sweat the destination at first, it’s a great journey so enjoy it. Almost all the paths intersect each other and there are multiple ways to get from world to world. Take your time as you carry on as there are many hidden gems and rooms. Personally, I walked past where the crowd was getting dense so I wouldn’t have to wait to experience something. There are many actors and actresses around that can provide great insight. When I spoke to them they told me that many visitors don’t chat with them and that’s their loss.  They are literally one of the most invective and personal aspects of MeowWolf Denver. Remember that they are there because they want to perform and delight. Convergence warped this community and now people are trying to live with the consequences.

Planning a Route, And Sticking with it

I’m not going to tell you how to have to explore such a wonderfully intricate Sci-Fi wonderland. I can’t guarantee that my way could be the best. I will tell you how my friends and I did our best to see everything. We didn’t sweat separating and traded travel buddies often.  Each group would pick a path while another looked in the rooms in the path.  Then we would switch, meet up and talk about what we saw and experienced. Often someone couldn’t figure something out so we went as a group to solve it. We tried to make sure that we were satisfied with a world before we moved on to another.


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