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  • Patrick Dalhen

    Our radiator-heated house was just not heating up. Chris showed up quite quickly when I called him after several others said they wouldn’t be able to make it that day. I was impressed by how he was able to describe the boiler and the year it was probably installed when I gave him the brand name over the phone. He quickly diagnosed the problem (several flow control valves were malfunctioning) and implemented a workaround to get the home heated again.

    He is an extremely nice guy who not only fixed the problem but took a lot of time to walk through the whole house with me and explain the multiple systems that were in place (the house was built in 1920, but renovated extensively in the early 2000’s). On top of that, he left without charging me and said he’ll send me a bill. I have never had any service person leave without getting paid!

    So why the 4 stars? I subsequently asked him several times to send me an invoice for his work and an estimate to get my flow valves replaced. He has done neither to date. In fact, he agreed to come over on a Monday several weeks ago but never showed up.

    I’m sure he must be very busy, but it’s not professional to break appointments. I really like this guy because he’s very personable and helpful, and I have a lot of confidence in his skills, so I hate to give less than a glowing review. I hope he does follow through some day and take care of the outstanding work items, so I can revise my review.

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