Vybe’s 5 Year Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza


Vybe is truly an amazing bar/club located at 1027 N Broadway. Well known for friendly staff and an atmosphere that welcomes any respectful demographic. The drinks are well priced and strong. They are well known for throwing inventive parties that utilize their amazing space. We were able to catch up with Joey, the owner, in the after-Pride wake to talk about his upcoming 5th year anniversary. Check out their social media to find out more about their shows and specials.




Gaydenver: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What did you do before you owned Vybe?

Joey: I’m originally from Denver, and I worked in the service industry before buying Vybe. I was actually working at Vybe back when it was called Broadways. I worked my ass off to impress the original owner, so when he decided to move on he gave me the option to buy. It’s been an amazing and wild ride.


Gaydenver: How was your Pride? We were at Vybe on Saturday the show was crazy.

Joey: It was amazing! Seeing so many people from the community, new faces, and familiar faces. It was beautiful having so many people come out to celebrate all that we (as a community) are and have overcome.


Gaydenver: Tell us about the upcoming party(s) for the 5-year anniversary coming up. 

Joey: Our 5th year anniversary will be about giving back to the wonderful communities supporting my dream. It’s been an amazing run and I appreciate everyone’s support. This Saturday Vybe will be participating in Bar Wars(Bar Wars is a high-energy contest that brings together bartenders from Denver’s top LGBTQ+ and allied bars in a fast-paced competition) and raising money for the Colorado Health Network. You can get tickets for that here. It will be a Beach Pool Party at the Bar, so beach wear is encouraged. Come try the innovative drinks we’ll be whipping up just for this event. We will also have a live cover band, go-go dancers, and serving some light summer fare.

On Sunday, which is the day of our anniversary, we are throwing a massive party on our stage. We’ve got local drag stars, free tacos, promo giveaways, and a free cover band. I just want to interject that the tacos are made by my Mom so you know they’ll be great! (For more information)

I’m constantly floored by the amazing support Vybe gets from my community. It felt right to throw a party that really highlighted how important the LGBT, Denver, and all the wonderful communities are to us.


Gaydenver: What makes Vybe different? How do you achieve that?

Joey: Authenticity. I’ve hired amazing people. Between them, my mother and I strive to create a place where people can respectfully be themselves. No drama or judgment. Our location helps a lot as well, we get people from so many different neighborhoods coming to have a great time, so it’s always a diverse crowd.


Gaydenver: Your patio is amazing! Was that always there? 

Vybe: No it wasn’t, my brother did an amazing job of building that whole area. It’s a pretty amazing space, I’m happy to hear the surprise in people’s voices when they come across it. Come by and enjoy it while the weather is nice.


Gaydenver: Your mother works there as well, and she is amazing! 

Joey: My mother is an amazing woman. I’m so grateful to have her support. Both of us work incredibly well together, she just wants me to be happy and successful. She helps me in so many different capacities, I couldn’t imagine doing this without her.


Gaydenver: If you could put anything on a billboard what would it be?

Joey: #Love. Plain and simple. It’s the solution to any problem and it’s gotten me through everything.


Jeff Wilson
Author: Jeff Wilson

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